Maine Recycling currently acts as a pickup agent for some of the largest distributors in Northern New England. Our fleet of trucks with over 100 trailers enables us to provide state wide pickup services for both new and existing beverage distributors in Maine.

At Maine Recycling, we take pride in our accurate and accountable system of container pickups. In fact, in 2006, the Department of Agriculture sent two of its new inspectors to our facilities for quality control training. So if you are a new distributor in the state of Maine, or if you are simply ready for a positive change, Maine Recycling Corporation has the history and expertise to provide you with a viable, cost effective plan for picking up your empty containers.


Did you know that Maine Recycling has over 50,000 square feet of processing area filled with the latest in recycling equipment? Whether the product is in bins, bags, boxes, or barrels, or whether the product needs to be baled, crushed, dumped, or sorted, we have the equipment to do the job.

Over the past 30 years we have seen a lot of changes in the recycling and processing industry. We have made it our priority to continue to provide the best level of service to all of your customers, big or small.

Our Commitment

Things are not getting any cheaper are they?

The last thing you need is to lose money from over-redemption.

When you partner with us, we commit to providing you the absolute best service that only 35 years experience can provide. If you are looking for integrity, accuracy, and accountability, then give us a call and discover what Maine Recycling Corporation can do for you.