Setting the standard

For 35 years, Maine Recycling Corporation has set the standard for the pickup and processing of recyclable Use Beverage Containers (UBC’s) in Maine. From our humble beginnings in Topsham, Maine, to our current facilities situated on nearly 15 acres of land in Lisbon Falls, Maine. Maine Recycling corporation has continually strived to provide beverage distributors with a cost effective alternative for the pickup and processing of their UBC’s.

Maine Recycling in Action

Plastic Consumables

Plastics are one of our three main recyclables we focus on in our daily agenda. Certain plastic consumables from all across the state make it here to be re-used somewhere else.

Aluminum Cans

Aluminum cans are important to our business as they make up a good portion of the items we recycle on a daily basis, and its use after it leaves our plant is more than helpful to our environment.

Glass Products

Glass bottles comprised of liquor, beer and other spirits come to Maine Recycling to be crushed and sent out by our professional truck drivers all throughout New England, Canada and other parts of the globe.